May 18, 2023
In a strategic move that showcased his astuteness, Samuel Oshana obtained a real estate brokerage license in Florida, further expanding his already substantial investments in the real estate sector. Recognizing the potential for increased leverage and enhanced opportunities, he directed his focus towards both residential and commercial properties. Recently, he has been particularly drawn to distressed properties that can be rehabilitated and renovated, subsequently transforming them into desirable homes for potential buyers. This approach allows him to engage in property flipping, generating exceptional returns on his investments, even when accounting for the costs of rehabilitation.

While Samuel Oshana has achieved notable success in both New York and Florida, his recent emphasis on real estate in Florida has propelled his current prosperity primarily in this state. With an impressive background that includes stints at prominent brokerages such as Heartland Securities and JP Morgan, he possesses a wealth of experience and expertise. Continuously adopting an aggressive investment approach, Samuel provides capital to individuals and small companies, leveraging their real estate assets as collateral. This tactical approach positions him to sustain his ongoing success for the foreseeable future.